Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Long time no blog

Sorry for not blogging sooner but it's been crazy around here. My DMIL decided that the carpet in my living room and hallway needed to go and in it's place is hardwood lament. As you can see everything that was in the living room went to the kitchen I had a path to the bedroom and that was it. As of right now the flooring is all layed we are just waiting for Mernards to get more of the doorway pieces in. Not sure what they are called. All of the work being done my DFIL is doing. That is my dog Jack and cat Grace.

I have been stitching just not much over the last couple of weeks. Earth Song not much has changed so no pic. I did work on Snowmen and finished the white, backstitched what I could and added the berries at the bottom.

I'll be on vacation this week. I'm visiting my family in Nothern Iowa by myself with no husband so hopefully I'll get some stitching done. I say hopefully because on Monday I found out that I have Tennis Elbow in the right arm. I'm hoping that I can hold my Q-Snap in that hand and use my left hand for my needle. You would think that it would be no problem since I'm left handed but it seems like I use my right hand for alot of things including holding my needle. I will figure it out.
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