Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still on leave

I'm still on leave from work it's been a little over 3 weeks now I go back to the doctor on Thursday to see if I can go back or not. I'm not sure if my arm can handle the 50 pounds yet but we will see what the doctor says.

While I've been off I've been stitching and I even signed up for an ornament exchange for in one of my yahoo groups. It's been awhile since I've signed up for one so I'm excited to see who my partner is.

I got this from Dottie at Dotties xstitches

I entered her birthday giveaway and she asked me for my snail mail address for a surprise and this is what I got.

Now for stitching news:

Here is Believe I've started filling in the butterfly after that there is just a little for to do on the outside of it to finish page 1. Maybe I'll get it done for my sister's birthday next year.

That's it from the heartland today.

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August already

I can't believe it's August already. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm no way ready for that.

On a good note I'm on a 2 week vacation from work, not by choice though. My tennis elbow is acting up so I had to go the Dr. a couple of weeks ago he gave me some exercises to do and told me to put heat on it, I was surprised that he didn't put me on any restrictions but I let it go. I went to see him the next week since the pain was worse, he sent me to physical therapy still no restrictions. Now understand that I left about 50 pound crates and pull pallets that weigh between 500 - 3000 pounds depending what's on them. Last year when I was a cashier I was on a 25 pound weight limit so understand my confussion when I wasn't put on one this time. I called him on Friday and asked him why I wasn't on any restrictions he told me he didn't know that I wanted to be on any. HELLO my arm was hurting worse when I worked so why wouldn't I want to be on any restrictions. He is a quack so I won't be seeing him again I will find another Dr.

On to stitching. Since I've been off and I can't knit or crochet because of my arm I have been cross stitching. I've been working on Believe for my sister again. If you look at the post just below this one you'll see where I left off at the 9th of July and here is the pic of where I am now.

It's not a very good pic but it was getting dark outside and today it's looks like it could rain so it's all icky outside. I'll probably stitch on this one until I go to my mom's where I will see my sister so I'll pick a new HAED to work on I just haven't decided which one if I'll work on Earth Song or A Long Winter's Nap.