Friday, September 2, 2011

TUSAL and new stash

Here is my TUSAL for the month of August. I know, I know it's a little late but at least I didn't forget about it like I did some other months. Below is some new stash that I picked up at Hobby Lobby while I was on vacation. I'll be doing this one for my brother-in-law and his soon to be wife. 
I wanted to do it for my husband and I but DH doesn't like it so I'll have to find something else for us. The only thing is we don't have the same tastes so it will be interesting to see if I can find one to match both of us.


Jenny said...

Jennilynn, I feel for you; my DH's standard response is "mmm, that's nice honey" (without looking up...)
I am crossing my fingers that you will find that special sampler that both of you fall in love with!

Joy said...

Did you see the wedding kit I got from Dimensions? I was having trouble finding something I liked until I found this one: