Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This is a pic heavy post so if you want to leave I understand.
I have taken pics of all my WIP/UFOs that I wish to work on in the coming year. I also have a crochet project that I'm working on but since it needs to be done by February I didn't add it to the list. I will be listing them on my WIPocalypse page and then posting pics of updates on that page also.

 First pic is of Bird Alphabet (for my mom)
 Birdhouse Collection (for my mom)
 Birth Sampler
Believe (for my sister)
 Earth Song (for me)
Gettysburg (for me)
 A Long Winter's Nap (for my DH)
 Love (for my BIL and his future wife)
 OHD 2008 or 2009 monthly SAL (for me)
 OHD 2009 mystery SAL (for me)
 The Quiltmaker (for me)
 Millennium (for me)
 Silent Journey (either for me or my sister)
Riding the Wave (for my cousin)


Sonda in OR said...

Wow! Now those are labor-intensive, but I'm sure they'll be fabulously worth it!

Measi said...

Great collection of projects!

I have Millennium in my WIP list, too. It's funny because we're at roughly similar spots, too!

Maureen said...

i love pic heavy posts - and am loving seeing everyone's WIP lists reading for 2012 - that's a great wee collection you have there.