Friday, January 6, 2012

WIPocalypse January Update

Well it's a new year so let's hope I do better at updating and reading blogs. I do know that I'm addicted to Ravelry. To all you non knitters and crocheters out there it's a place for knitters and crocheters to get together and talk about the world of yarn. I also found a group on there that was related to cross stitching.

Speaking of stitching I've actually done some I've been working on Happy Ever After since it has to be done some time soon since the couple is not sure when they are getting married so I need to have it done at least to the point in putting the date in.



Cleejoow said...

that's such a nice design :) I've stitched it about 3 times already and is always received very well said...

I love the soft colors in this one =) Never seen it before, there for I am looking forward to see your progress :)

P.S. Thanks for stopping by!