Thursday, February 9, 2012

WIPocalypse for February

Well another month has passed for the WIPocalypse and I actually had time to stitch due to having a minor surgery. I stitched on A Long Winter's Nap a HAED. I'm on all confetti stitches, which I hate by the way. I'm hoping the next time I stitch on this I'll be done with them and onto more solid colors.


Next up is Happily Ever After I stitched on this one the most as you can see. After I've read about everyone working on their HAEDs I decided to work on one of mine.



Mireille said...

I understand you don't like the confetti. I am also working on a picture of my daughter with lots of confetti and I don't like it :-)


Ziggyeor said...

Ah you've got to love the confetti! NOT! LOL good luck on a project with lots of the same color in it next.

Beth Pearce said...

Great progress - I really like the Love piece!