Monday, July 12, 2010

I've been stitching

I have been stitching (I know it's hard to believe) I've been working on Believe which is a HAED design that I'm working on for my sister. It's a Quick Stitch so hopefully it won't take that much time to do.

This is what I had done at the end of June not much from my last post but at least it was a move forward with the project.

Here is the same HAED on the 9th of July you can start to see the butterfly. I'm almost to the end of the right side of the first page so I'm getting excited about that.

The bad new is that I've started knititng socks which has my attention right now I'll take a pic after I'm to the heel flap which I hope is tomorrow so I can go to my local knitting store and get some advice from the friendly ladies there.

Until next time

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